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Mayan MF

Maplewood utilized the blood of 35 years of breeding experience to cross this colt with our most treasured Pure Polish mare. We look forward to standing him to the public as he earns the right. His first foal is due summer of 2021. This offspring will have nine horses in its pedigree who have been ridden, bred, owned, shown, handled and observed here at our farm. We trust our instincts. Mayan is a Regional Champion and won a well deserved and competitive Top Ten at Scottsdale 2020, Three year-old Colts class. Keep posted on the addition of Mayan to our breeding barn!
Mayan 2018

Madison MF (sold)

Madison MF carried the farm’s flag to a Unanimous Win at Regionals as a yearling. Brian Murch, a Judge at the event was heard to say, you won’t find a more balanced horse! Madison is still growing and is already a mare of substantial size and presence. She is bigger than most average stallions and fills the room with her oversized attitude. The energy level this mare is capable of – every day – is a tribute to her father’s undefeated ‘Liberty’ status, (the only horse to win Scottsdale Liberty with perfect score on all three cards) and her dam’s stamina, (two Tevis Cup contenders from her progeny).

Proudly owned by Jenny Poulos.


Hallelujah Bey+//

Hallelujah Bey+// proved himself to be one of the top English Pleasure stallions. With limited appearances, he gained an outstanding show record, including two National Top Tens, one Scottsdale Top Ten, and ten Regional wins in open English Pleasure. Across the country, trainers, breeders, and fans are impressed not only with his talent and beauty, but with his superior, dynamic attitude both in and out of the show ring.

Bred by Varian Arabians, Hallelujah Bey+// had an incomparable pedigree, one that combines the Arabian breed’s most noted Park and English Pleasure bloodlines. With eleven National winners or National winning producers in the first three generations of his pedigree, his show ring victories and breeding success stories were very predictable.


Razzberry has earned five National Championships and numerous Regional wins; his heart, brilliance, and ‘cuteness’ is legendary. Showing under the guidance of Joey Canda and Jim Lowe, our daughters Cory and Caitlin enjoyed the talents and predictable and thrilling wins from this mighty little horse. Bred by Mike Nichols, this 1985 Barbary gelding continues to enjoy life at Maplewood and still rides the trails!


Balagan was a once-in-a-lifetime horse, gifted with talent rarely equaled by purebred Arabians. His quiet, kind, and intelligent disposition was a joy to be around, and to ride him was a memory not ever to be forgotten. His power literally shook the ground underneath him with high trotting motion and hocks that nearly hit his underside. He always had more to give if the rider asked for it – correctly. His intellect set him apart and continues to be a trait seen in all offspring. He and all his get prefer to be asked, instead of being told. They enjoy the bond between horse and man earned from mutual respect and trust.

Balagan was a multi-National performance champion from the incredible legacy of Negatraz and MHR Port Macja. Though minimally used as a sire, Balagan has several get with championships in English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Halter, and Dressage.

*Gitara PASB

We have more *Gitara PASB blood in our barn than any other mare. Her mark is immediately evident, generations from the source. Elegant, ever youthful, extreme, always an aristocrat, her grand get exhibit all of these characteristics and have nicked well with American lines to produce individuals who are competitive and desirable in today’s market. Her Afire Bey V son, Maplewood bred and born, Gitar MF, earned a National Reserve Championship and continues to sire get winning at the highest levels of competition. The young mare Gala MF, her full brother Graff MF (both by Erykk MF), and the colt Garcon Noir (by IXL Noble Express), are all key elements in our program.


*Era was an extraordinary mare that knew no boundaries. In a petite frame, she possessed enormous talent and power. Greg Gallun remembers showing her in hand at Scottsdale and said if he hadn’t turned her at the end of the arena, she would have kept going! The heart she had enabled her to win Scottsdale Park when nine months in foal! Prolific and gifted, she gave us Erykk MF, ensuring liquid and extreme motion for subsequent Maplewood generations.

Falcons Promise ORA

We had been searching for a Falcon daughter to accent our band of mares; one who embodied characteristics Maplewood appreciates. In 2013 we found Falcon’s Promise ORA. By the National Futurity Champion Falcon BHF, famous for the extreme quality of his daughters, and out of the Chilean beauty LL Albufera, herself a National TT mare and Youth National Champion, this filly brings fire, stature, flare, height, carriage and attitude to our program.

Trotting in hand, tail over her back, vertical and lengthy neck with the finest throatlatch and soft poll imaginable, David Boggs states, “One of the best neck and shoulders in the breed.” Jeff Little reminisces, “A rare shoulder like Echo Magnifficoo.” And to top that all she’s dark bay! Her pedigree sealed the deal, three lines to Bey Shah with a Polish bottom line leading to Negatraz and Touch of Spice, one of our favorite DWD Tabasco daughters. This filly has motion on all fours. We look forward to utilizing her as a watershed mare transitioning to the next generation of Maplewood type.


*Maddox Van Ryad

Maddox Van Ryad 3/4 angle full body Jeff LittleMaddox Van Ryad’s journey to Maplewood has been an international and hard-earned travelogue. From the moment we saw him at Gemini Acres 2012 private presentation, he had captured our hearts. His confidence, presence, and quality make him unique. Everything about him is just a bit apart from the norm. Perhaps he is a watershed horse whose influence can move the dial up a notch into the future.

He’s tall; he STANDS tall. He looks down on his handlers with quiet grace; thoughts of a King’s mount cross your mind. He would be the one a royal rider might select from the herd. The perspective from his withers forward is unmatched – a most beautiful line of arched neck leading to chiseled tipped ears. His intriguing eyes penetrate yours. Legs – long and correct – support a worthy, smooth, and finely cut body. The cumulative form to function is perfection.

Maddow Van Ryad wins Liberty class at 2014 Scottsdale Arabian National Breeder Finals.

Maddow Van Ryad wins Liberty class at 2014 Scottsdale Arabian National Breeder Finals.

After earning US and Canadian National Reserve Championships, a Brazilian National Championship, a Perfect Score in Scottsdale Liberty and SEVEN Regional Championships. After a great lease period, we purchased Maddox in 2014. We are thrilled to have him as a permanent member of our stallion band. He will be bred to almost half of our small mare herd with hopes of imparting his traits as a beautiful athlete, gifted with a most interesting pedigree, into our program.

Three times Morafic through *El Shaklan and Shaikh Al Badi with an line to El Magato, Maddox comes by his motion honestly and from sources Maplewood has yet to tap; *Ali Jamaal offers classic Arabian hints to his appearance and his maternal grandsire AAF Kaset brings a touch of Polish as a catalyst.

Maddox is already making a mark here at Maplewood. His 2014 daughter Madison MF (x Benraz Magnifique) was double champion at Region IV, winning both Champion Arabian Yearling Filly (unanimous) and Champion Arabian Yearling Filly Breeders Sweepstakes.


Although Maplewood’s initial efforts to breed the Polish beauty *Erwina were unsuccessful, we were correct in selecting a mare of significance. A daughter she left in Poland became the dam of the Michalow Stud stallion Ekstern, and other breeders benefited from the mare coming to the US through our efforts.

BOH Romance

A most elegant mare, BOH Romance was ahead of her time in the 80s-90s. She was a Maplewood treasure beyond description. One of the aristocratic Negatraz daughters, she was tall, airy, and powerful, with the front end desired in today’s market. Dam of US National TT Arabian Futurity colt Revelry (who went on to sire 133 progeny), she blessed us with four daughters. Her line is of utmost importance at Maplewood, where she is represented through Nina Ricci MF and Raishea.



The ethereal mare *Dewiza, dam of both *Diana and Deficyt, was unable to reproduce at this level of excellence for Maplewood. She taught us the lesson that a “10” does not always produce a “10” and was sold to Meadow Wood Farms. We retained none of her foals for our program but gained a bit of wisdom.


We purchased the Swedish legend *Sagana from Freeman Arabians, who set a record price importing her. The story of this mare is perhaps the most heartbreaking for Maplewood’s history, as we lost her Negatraz daughter in foal to Erykk MF with a filly. She would most certainly have been a cornerstone for athletic beauty had she survived. *Sagana was sold in a period of downsizing for Maplewood in the 90s to Peach Creek Farm. A ‘stallion-like’ forceful mare, quite unique in her power and presence, we have none of her blood left, most unfortunately.


Shreddin Betty

Sired by AA Apollo Bey and a full sister to National winners Lah Lah and Doubly Blessed, this mare is destined for greatness.

With Betty’s phenotype, talent, upright carriage, bright expression, “game” attitude and the heritage her pedigree can profess, we feel she adds depth to our athletic brood mare band. We’ve had few opportunities to access Eter AND Essaul blood; to find both in ONE horse, and with our previous successes with Huck lines, we are hopeful Betty carries golden genes for future Maplewood foals.

Betty and Macklin

Betty and Macklin


Maximus MF

Benraz Magnifique

Her 2014 Filly by *Maddox Van Ryad, Madison MF, was double champion at Region IV, winning both Champion Arabian Yearling Filly (unanimous) and Champion Arabian Yearling Filly Breeders Sweepstakes.

A vision in white, Benraz Magnifique is a supreme example of the type and ethereal elegance that made the Arabian horse famous. Her unmistakably Arabian beauty is characterized by a wispy forelock draping her large luminous eyes, desert-dry jet black skin, perfectly sculpted ears and an exotically shaped head that tapers to a small, finely designed muzzle. She has quality in abundance, from her stellar structure and over-the-top drama to her long and elegantly shaped neck and always flagged tail carriage. It is her commanding presence that brings all of these qualities into focus as she meets your eyes.

Quality is no accident, and in the case of Magnifique it is the result of generations of carefully planned breeding by Cory Soltau DVM of Blackhawk Valley Arabians. Known for their cultivation of some of the breed’s finest bloodlines, including their foundation mare TW Forteyna, leading dam of Champions in the United States, and her National Champion daughters by Bey Shah, Shahteyna and Bey Teyna, the Soltaus’ contribution to the Arabian breed is undeniable.

There is no shortage of superlatives to describe this extraordinary mare. Remembering Echo Magnifficoo, we believe him to be one of the most exceptional individuals we have ever seen in the flesh. Watching his desirable traits being passed on for generations impacted the desire to own a daughter. It is his daughters who have produced National Champions Marwan Al Magnifficoo, Aria Impresario, Odyssey SC, and Art Dekko TT, to name a few.

Benraz Magnifique, Benraz Jacqueline, and Hi-Fashion CamaarBenraz Magnifique’s dam is a full sister to Benraz Fantaasy and Benraz Fancy, both multi-champion producing mares. The exquisite beauty and exceptional prepotency of this glorious female family, can be seen in the three generations pictured here, Benraz Magnifique (left), her dam Benraz Jacqueline (center), and granddam Hi-Fashion Camaar (right).

We anticipate that Magnifique will be a catalyst for producing future champions for Maplewood Farm. Once again, we are looking for that holy grail – the beautiful athlete.

ES Gianalli

ES Gianalli represents fourth generation of Maplewood breeding. This mare’s history goes back to Greg Fratt, formerly with Patterson Arabians, who helped us find and purchase *Galia (Chazar x Gildia) and her daughter Gambria (by Negatraz) in the mid-80’s. They were our first Polish Arabian mares and possessed incredible beauty.

We bred *Galia back to Negatraz producing Gambria’s full brother, *Gotcha, who was later exported to Sweden. Gambria produced only one filly for us, Giaa by *Pepi/Celebes. This breeding was encouraged by Tomasz Skotniki from Magness Arabians with the intent to produce an athletic beauty. Giaa was then line bred to Balagan (Negatraz x MHR Port Macja) for enhanced motion. The cross was a success! From the lovely bay ES Gianalli, we have retained her talented and Regional winning Halter colt G for our show string. Due to a foaling accident, she can no longer carry foals. She has been sold to carry on as a beloved companion riding horse.

Danskk MF

Danskk MF is a force at Maplewood. Big, bold, solid – this young colt is very willing to go around the ring with a steady and soft head set. He exhibits all of the traits we have come to expect in Erykk’s foals, including an upright neck, a sharply sculpted head that is set off by large, luminous black eyes and expressive ears, as well as a strong, smoothly constructed frame and fantastic movements at the trot.

His dam, Medaly, brings to memory some of the great historic English Show mares of the breed and introduces lines to Comet, Aloes, and Nabor, as well as additional Forta blood – a mare renowned for her exceptional performance production.


Sparrow MF

Congratulations to Rex and Devera Miller of Agri-Tech Design. We know you’ll love what this boy can do.

Sparrow MF represents an intentionally sought after extension to our Polish-focused program. His sire, international Champion *El Nabila B, brings Russian and Crabbet lines into play and contributes his large, luminous, piercing black eyes, dry desert look, and powerful structure. His dam is by the fabulous Echo Magnifficoo and out of a Benraz++// daughter; she is double Gamaar bred.

Every line of Sparrow’s pedigree contributes an attribute we wish to pass on, and he IS his pedigree. You see in his flesh what his blood dictates. An elegant young colt, growing proportionately and correctly, he earned a Region IV Reserve Championship in the Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt division. He is carrying a bit now and going well in the lines. His kind, easy going and confident disposition is a pleasure to be around. Sparrow is a Breeders Sweepstakes entry.



With the arrival of this special colt, Maplewood goes back to its foundation. G is our fifth generation, tracing to the first mare we purchased under the guidance of Greg Fratt (then the Patterson’s breeding manager).

To complete the circle for today’s show horse, we went back to Afire Bey V, who had found a niche in our program bred to our Polish mares. This would be our third Afir Bey V foal. The foals from crossing Erykk’s paternal sisters to Afire Bey had proved our belief that this cross was a good bet. As it turns out – G underscores the compatibility of generations of Polish warhorse breeding of might-and-bone matched with the elegance of Afire Bey V’s predictable “front end.” One look at G and we knew he inherited both.

G’s neck was so perfectly structured to wear a bridle from his early days that it was difficult to find a foal halter that fit. His neck bent so tightly at the poll and his head nestled so perpendicularly that even a knotted baby halter would fall to the base of his neck and restrict his freedom to exercise.

He is undefeated in Oregon Yearling and two-year-old Futurities and was a Top Five Region IV Breeders Sweepstakes Yearling Colt. Always bright, always fired up and gifted with Afire Bey V’s show ring look, G is ready to be in a Nationals-bound show string. He is a Breeders Sweepstakes entry and is eligible for the AEPA 3-4 year-old Performance Futurity.


Anya De Enzo JA

Anya De Enzo JA comes to Maplewood after her successful 2012 Scottsdale Yearling Filly presentations. She placed second and third in the Open and ATH Signature Stallion classes of over 60 world-class fillies, shown by Keith Krichke and Philip Del Pozzo of Enzo LTD, respectively. She caught our attention with her flamboyant entrance, classic tail carriage and snort! In 2014 Anya made Maplewood proud with her Unanimous Region IV Halter Championship and we look forward to bringing her out again in a few years as a mature mare.

Her future contributions to Maplewood’s program will bring the predictable and favored size her pedigree produces for today’s market. Her vertical and arched neck structure, which is, quite simply, perfect, along with her effervescent personality, are coveted traits which will pair well with stallions we may select for her.

Anya possesses both American-style type with double Bey Shah in her sire’s linage without abandoning the strength and classic look of the Polish horses with double Bandos in her bottom lines. This unique combination bodes well for adding elements of finesse to Maplewood’s program complementing our power-and-strength based focus. Anya has been bred to *Maddox Van Ryad for 2017.

Gala MF

Gala’s grand dams *Era (Carycyn x Eskapada by Nabor) and *Gitara (Eskimos x Gildia by El Paso) are two of the cornerstones of our breeding program. *Era proved her talent as an exceptionally gifted park horse before finding her way to Maplewood, while *Gitara exhibited her strengths in the halter arena, where we campaigned her to multiple wins at an advanced age. Gala fulfills Maplewood’s endeavor to replenish the bloodlines of the illustrious *Gitara in our mare herd.

We are determined to dispel the myth that beauty and motion are mutually exclusive. With beauty and tremendous motion coming from all corners of her pedigree, Gala is the embodiment of this goal. Gala possesses every bit of the quality we saw in her grand dam *Gitara; the mystique about her, the intelligent yet youthful and curious eye, and the arrogance! Additionally, the contribution of her sire Erykk’s strengths is obvious. She is blessed with the gift of motion that exceeds that of any of mares in her female family. We can attribute her heart-pulsing motion and dramatic hock-action to *Era, all qualities which Erykk is transmitting with startling consistency.

Gala, with her uniquely expressive and alert eyes, together with her smooth and correct body, athletic structure, and forward looking ‘tight’ ears, make for a pleasant package to represent our farm’s continually evolving breeding program.


RM Kaypasa

A rare Pask son, the elegant RM Kaypasa was Canadian National Champion Country Pleasure and a memorable Ladies Side Saddle horse, rare indeed with his brilliant and lofty trot in this difficult English division. He is now proudly owned by Dr. Tim Evans, formerly Equine Repo Vet for Ventura Farms.

Ezra Tani Marra

“ET” is still alive as at 32 in 2013 and a shining example of why we love Arabian geldings. Teaching two families and three sets of young ladies how to ride and win/lose over twenty years of competition, he’s a saint of a horse and continues to be loved.