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Mayan MF

Maplewood utilized the blood of 35 years of breeding experience to cross this colt with our most treasured Pure Polish mare. We look forward to standing him to the public as he earns the right. His first foal is due summer of 2021. This offspring will have nine horses in its pedigree who have been ridden, bred, owned, shown, handled and observed here at our farm. We trust our instincts. Mayan is a Regional Champion and won a well deserved and competitive Top Ten at Scottsdale 2020, Three year-old Colts class. Keep posted on the addition of Mayan to our breeding barn!
Mayan 2018

Hallelujah Bey+//

Hallelujah Bey+// proved himself to be one of the top English Pleasure stallions. With limited appearances, he gained an outstanding show record, including two National Top Tens, one Scottsdale Top Ten, and ten Regional wins in open English Pleasure. Across the country, trainers, breeders, and fans are impressed not only with his talent and beauty, but with his superior, dynamic attitude both in and out of the show ring.

Bred by Varian Arabians, Hallelujah Bey+// had an incomparable pedigree, one that combines the Arabian breed’s most noted Park and English Pleasure bloodlines. With eleven National winners or National winning producers in the first three generations of his pedigree, his show ring victories and breeding success stories were very predictable.


Balagan was a once-in-a-lifetime horse, gifted with talent rarely equaled by purebred Arabians. His quiet, kind, and intelligent disposition was a joy to be around, and to ride him was a memory not ever to be forgotten. His power literally shook the ground underneath him with high trotting motion and hocks that nearly hit his underside. He always had more to give if the rider asked for it – correctly. His intellect set him apart and continues to be a trait seen in all offspring. He and all his get prefer to be asked, instead of being told. They enjoy the bond between horse and man earned from mutual respect and trust.

Balagan was a multi-National performance champion from the incredible legacy of Negatraz and MHR Port Macja. Though minimally used as a sire, Balagan has several get with championships in English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Halter, and Dressage.

Erykk MF

In the short time Erykk MF was shown, he qualified for US Nationals in English Pleasure, Park, Informal Combination and Pleasure Driving. Erykk was schooled by Gene LaCroix, the only person to have trained and ridden the entire family: Balagan, *Era, and Erykk have all been in his barn! Gene noted that, “Erykk is an unconventional horse as compared to today’s breeding and is without a doubt a very naturally high trotting Park horse.”

Erykk MF with Guy Benefield

Erykk MF with Guy Benefield

Bred for motion, both Erykk’s sire and dam were park horse “freaks”. Now that both Balagan and *Era are gone, Erykk represents our last link to this incredible talent pool. Balagan was a multi-National performance champion from the incredible legacy of Negatraz and MHR Port Macja. Though minimally used as a sire, Balagan has several champions to his credit in English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Halter and Dressage. *Era was a Regional Park Champion, sired by Park horse champion *Caracyn and out of the legendary Eskapada, Polish National Reserve Champion Mare and foundress of an incredible worldwide dynasty of champions. An aristocrat dam, *Era is the dam of Pacific Slope Reserve Champion English Pleasure Emage OF, English Pleasure winner *Erebus, and multi-English Pleasure champion Ex Parte MF, full brother to Erykk.

Erykk is also siring top performance Half-Arabians. The 2009 mare Ho Chi Mama and 2010 gelding Erykk The Red (see video below) are both with Vicki Humphrey and available to performance homes, with Ho Chi Mama listed for the Addis Thanksgiving auction.

“I usually don’t comment on individual horses in our auctions. When I saw the video [of Ho Chi Mama], I called the owner. This is a very good horse. She is game, young, great off of her hocks, square on all 4 corners, sharp eared, post either diagonal, and most of all never been shown and will be a fresh face. Still another year as Junior horse. If I still were showing horses myself I would own this mare.” – Bill Addis


*Maddox Van Ryad

Maddox Van Ryad 3/4 angle full body Jeff LittleMaddox Van Ryad’s journey to Maplewood has been an international and hard-earned travelogue. From the moment we saw him at Gemini Acres 2012 private presentation, he had captured our hearts. His confidence, presence, and quality make him unique. Everything about him is just a bit apart from the norm. Perhaps he is a watershed horse whose influence can move the dial up a notch into the future.

He’s tall; he STANDS tall. He looks down on his handlers with quiet grace; thoughts of a King’s mount cross your mind. He would be the one a royal rider might select from the herd. The perspective from his withers forward is unmatched – a most beautiful line of arched neck leading to chiseled tipped ears. His intriguing eyes penetrate yours. Legs – long and correct – support a worthy, smooth, and finely cut body. The cumulative form to function is perfection.

Maddow Van Ryad wins Liberty class at 2014 Scottsdale Arabian National Breeder Finals.

Maddow Van Ryad wins Liberty class at 2014 Scottsdale Arabian National Breeder Finals.

After earning US and Canadian National Reserve Championships, a Brazilian National Championship, a Perfect Score in Scottsdale Liberty and SEVEN Regional Championships. After a great lease period, we purchased Maddox in 2014. We are thrilled to have him as a permanent member of our stallion band. He will be bred to almost half of our small mare herd with hopes of imparting his traits as a beautiful athlete, gifted with a most interesting pedigree, into our program.

Three times Morafic through *El Shaklan and Shaikh Al Badi with an line to El Magato, Maddox comes by his motion honestly and from sources Maplewood has yet to tap; *Ali Jamaal offers classic Arabian hints to his appearance and his maternal grandsire AAF Kaset brings a touch of Polish as a catalyst.

Maddox is already making a mark here at Maplewood. His 2014 daughter Madison MF (x Benraz Magnifique) was double champion at Region IV, winning both Champion Arabian Yearling Filly (unanimous) and Champion Arabian Yearling Filly Breeders Sweepstakes.