Danskk MF

(Erykk MF x Medaly)
2009 Bay Gelding AHR 645772


Danskk MF is a force at Maplewood. Big, bold, solid – this young colt is very willing to go around the ring with a steady and soft head set. He exhibits all of the traits we have come to expect in Erykk’s foals, including an upright neck, a sharply sculpted head that is set off by large, luminous black eyes and expressive ears, as well as a strong, smoothly constructed frame and fantastic movements at the trot.

His dam, Medaly, brings to memory some of the great historic English Show mares of the breed and introduces lines to Comet, Aloes, and Nabor, as well as additional Forta blood – a mare renowned for her exceptional performance production.


Show Pedigree

 Erykk MF