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Balagan was a once-in-a-lifetime horse, gifted with talent rarely equaled by purebred Arabians. His quiet, kind, and intelligent disposition was a joy to be around, and to ride him was a memory not ever to be forgotten. His power literally shook the ground underneath him with high trotting motion and hocks that nearly hit his underside. He always had more to give if the rider asked for it – correctly. His intellect set him apart and continues to be a trait seen in all offspring. He and all his get prefer to be asked, instead of being told. They enjoy the bond between horse and man earned from mutual respect and trust.

Balagan was a multi-National performance champion from the incredible legacy of Negatraz and MHR Port Macja. Though minimally used as a sire, Balagan has several get with championships in English Pleasure, Country Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Halter, and Dressage.

*Gitara PASB

We have more *Gitara PASB blood in our barn than any other mare. Her mark is immediately evident, generations from the source. Elegant, ever youthful, extreme, always an aristocrat, her grand get exhibit all of these characteristics and have nicked well with American lines to produce individuals who are competitive and desirable in today’s market. Her Afire Bey V son, Maplewood bred and born, Gitar MF, earned a National Reserve Championship and continues to sire get winning at the highest levels of competition. The young mare Gala MF, her full brother Graff MF (both by Erykk MF), and the colt Garcon Noir (by IXL Noble Express), are all key elements in our program.


*Era was an extraordinary mare that knew no boundaries. In a petite frame, she possessed enormous talent and power. Greg Gallun remembers showing her in hand at Scottsdale and said if he hadn’t turned her at the end of the arena, she would have kept going! The heart she had enabled her to win Scottsdale Park when nine months in foal! Prolific and gifted, she gave us Erykk MF, ensuring liquid and extreme motion for subsequent Maplewood generations.


Considered by Janow Podlaski State Stud Director Andrzej Krzysztalowicz to be the best of Comet’s sons, *Dar was credited for producing size, motion, and extreme elegance. The Patterson’s bred *Dar to Marushka to capitalize on the shared strength of their pedigrees, which included exceptional forehand construction, exaggerated length of neck – fine and slender in construction – tying perfectly into a well laid back and powerful shoulder. The resulting son, Medalion, is a testament to the genetic strength of his granddam *Mortissa’s sire Trypolis and *Dar’s maternal grandsire Amurath Sahib.

Medalion was leased by Tex Kam late in his life to be bred to the magnificent *Gitara whom he earlier purchased from Maplewood Farms. *Gitara adds to the mating her unmistakable presence, dramatic movements and the conformational attributes that resulted in her ability to compete and win as a halter mare at an advanced age. *Gitara can also be credited for producing Gitar MF, who was bred by Maplewood and went on to be named Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion.

Maplewood leased Ginuine for three breeding seasons from Tex Kam specifically for the purpose of breeding her to Erykk MF. From this cross, we produced three individuals with pedigrees drawing from the genetic strength of two of Comet’s most important sons: *Dar and Carycyn. These boys were noted for producing numerous Park Champions including Meridian, and *Era, respectively.



Medaly represents a new dimension in breeding excellence for Maplewood Farms. She was purchased specifically to be bred to Erykk MF for 2009. Their foal, Danskk MF, is a gifted performance gelding.

Now retired, Medaly is a lesson in the blending of Polish lines. She is one of three Medalion daughters we used, based largely on research that has proven his strength as a broodmare sire. Medalion contributed a fantastic length of neck – extremely upright – and with extreme flexion at the poll. Medaly’s motion is unparalleled, with all of the power, impulsion and elevation of her sire, a stallion regarded for his ability to produce National winners in halter and English divisions. Most notably, his daughter Equitie produced Allionce+/, a show horse of extreme merit, having garnered wins such as U.S. Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt, twice U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse, Canadian National Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse, and U.S. National Champion Informal Combination.

Medaly’s dam *Dunkierka was bred by Michalow State Stud in Poland, and is the dam of Halter Champion Palas son *Lech. *Dunkierka carries two lines to Nabor, an important contributor of class and beauty, and is line-bred to Forta, through her son Czort and daughter Dyska (both by Wielki Szlem). The various lines to Wielki Szlem in her pedigree gave us additional confidence in her ability to produce top-notch English horses. Her son Danskk MF brings an additional line to Forta – a mare of extreme athleticism – as well as Nabor and Negatraz, to reinforce classic beauty.

MW Bint Fayzarda

Retired for years, this most classic mare, Bint Fayzarda, embodies the essence of performance and quality. Impeccably bred, she combines the best of her Polish and Crabbet heritage. She is the dam of three champions, including our most successful show horse Razzberry+/, a five-time National Champion (by unanimous decision on four occasions!). Razzberry’s show highlights include Youth National Champion English Pleasure JOTR/JTR 14-17, Youth National Champion Pleasure Driving, Canadian National Champion English Pleasure JOTR/JTR 14-17, Pacific Slope Champion English Pleasure AOTR, and multiple Regional Championships in English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving and Park.

Bint Fayzarda’s other champion produce are: Barbray – Regional Top Five Country English Pleasure AOTR, Regional Top Five English Pleasure Junior Horse, and Florida State Champion Country English Pleasure; and Eurastaar – Regional Top Five Yearling Sweepstakes Colt, Regional Top Five Hunter Pleasure AOTR as well as a winner in both Western and English Pleasure.

Having long passed her 30th birthday, we hope she will graze our pastures for years to come.

Fadjurz Elite

Fadjurz Elite conjurs up images of the past, of her grandsire Fadjur, of a heritage created by the Tones over 50 years ago, and of a future of champions as relevant as that of their ancestors. Fadjurz Elite exhibits desert dryness, thin black vascular skin, a sizzling hot personality, and over-the-top presence. Her flamboyance at the trot leaves you with the impression the ground is on fire – her feet are always off the ground. She is all of the superlatives that made Fadjur famous and etched in our memories the images of mares like Sparkling Burgandy and Jurneeka – mares that redefined our image of the Arabian horse in America.

We are thrilled that, in collaboration with Jack Tone Ranch, we were able to infuse this blood to our strong Polish herd to create our ideal Arabian horse. Her daughter Elite in Love will be a key member of our mare band.

Noble Rhyton

Noble Rhyton gave us the opportunity to infuse a touch of Gai Monarch, a powerful halter and performance champion, into the Maplewood program. Rhyton’s dam is from the famous Milordka female family. Fortunately, we got the filly Raishea, a treasure for our broodmare band.


BOH Romance

A most elegant mare, BOH Romance was ahead of her time in the 80s-90s. She was a Maplewood treasure beyond description. One of the aristocratic Negatraz daughters, she was tall, airy, and powerful, with the front end desired in today’s market. Dam of US National TT Arabian Futurity colt Revelry (who went on to sire 133 progeny), she blessed us with four daughters. Her line is of utmost importance at Maplewood, where she is represented through Nina Ricci MF and Raishea.



The ethereal mare *Dewiza, dam of both *Diana and Deficyt, was unable to reproduce at this level of excellence for Maplewood. She taught us the lesson that a “10” does not always produce a “10” and was sold to Meadow Wood Farms. We retained none of her foals for our program but gained a bit of wisdom.


We purchased the Swedish legend *Sagana from Freeman Arabians, who set a record price importing her. The story of this mare is perhaps the most heartbreaking for Maplewood’s history, as we lost her Negatraz daughter in foal to Erykk MF with a filly. She would most certainly have been a cornerstone for athletic beauty had she survived. *Sagana was sold in a period of downsizing for Maplewood in the 90s to Peach Creek Farm. A ‘stallion-like’ forceful mare, quite unique in her power and presence, we have none of her blood left, most unfortunately.


ES Gianalli

ES Gianalli represents fourth generation of Maplewood breeding. This mare’s history goes back to Greg Fratt, formerly with Patterson Arabians, who helped us find and purchase *Galia (Chazar x Gildia) and her daughter Gambria (by Negatraz) in the mid-80’s. They were our first Polish Arabian mares and possessed incredible beauty.

We bred *Galia back to Negatraz producing Gambria’s full brother, *Gotcha, who was later exported to Sweden. Gambria produced only one filly for us, Giaa by *Pepi/Celebes. This breeding was encouraged by Tomasz Skotniki from Magness Arabians with the intent to produce an athletic beauty. Giaa was then line bred to Balagan (Negatraz x MHR Port Macja) for enhanced motion. The cross was a success! From the lovely bay ES Gianalli, we have retained her talented and Regional winning Halter colt G for our show string. Due to a foaling accident, she can no longer carry foals. She has been sold to carry on as a beloved companion riding horse.

Ezra Tani Marra

“ET” is still alive as at 32 in 2013 and a shining example of why we love Arabian geldings. Teaching two families and three sets of young ladies how to ride and win/lose over twenty years of competition, he’s a saint of a horse and continues to be loved.