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Medaly represents a new dimension in breeding excellence for Maplewood Farms. She was purchased specifically to be bred to Erykk MF for 2009. Their foal, Danskk MF, is a gifted performance gelding.

Now retired, Medaly is a lesson in the blending of Polish lines. She is one of three Medalion daughters we used, based largely on research that has proven his strength as a broodmare sire. Medalion contributed a fantastic length of neck – extremely upright – and with extreme flexion at the poll. Medaly’s motion is unparalleled, with all of the power, impulsion and elevation of her sire, a stallion regarded for his ability to produce National winners in halter and English divisions. Most notably, his daughter Equitie produced Allionce+/, a show horse of extreme merit, having garnered wins such as U.S. Reserve National Champion Futurity Colt, twice U.S. Reserve National Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse, Canadian National Champion English Pleasure Junior Horse, and U.S. National Champion Informal Combination.

Medaly’s dam *Dunkierka was bred by Michalow State Stud in Poland, and is the dam of Halter Champion Palas son *Lech. *Dunkierka carries two lines to Nabor, an important contributor of class and beauty, and is line-bred to Forta, through her son Czort and daughter Dyska (both by Wielki Szlem). The various lines to Wielki Szlem in her pedigree gave us additional confidence in her ability to produce top-notch English horses. Her son Danskk MF brings an additional line to Forta – a mare of extreme athleticism – as well as Nabor and Negatraz, to reinforce classic beauty.


It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the loss of the exceptional Romantykk. The most beloved mare at Maplewood, Romantykk graced us with her charm, dynamic presence, and kind nature for 17 years. Her classic breed type, dramatic movements, and ability to produce these traits helped us to define our vision for the ultimate Polish Arabian mare.

The dam of Roscoe Divine and Rapachini, she was the most talented mare we have owned. Her hackney-like trot including extreme hock action translated into serious motion for subsequent generations. This mare was well over 15 hands and had incredible presence.

Her dam, BOH Romance, was Maplewood’s premier broodmare for many years and was considered by many to be the most beautiful daughter of Negatraz. An aristocrat dam of champions, her best produce include US Top Ten Revelry, Regional Top Five Rockette MF, Western Pleasure Champion ATouch Of Romance, halter champion Rebok and our precious broodmares Revlon MF and Nina Ricci MF.

Romantykk’s sire, Europejczik, is a Polish National Champion Stallion and an undefeated Triple Crown winner on the Polish track. Considered the best son of US National Champion El Paso and Polish National Champion Europa (full sister to Eukaliptus), Europejczyk is the sire of numerous international halter and performance champions.

Her passing marks the loss of not only our most talented broodmare, but also the foal we were most excited about, the treasured Erykk MF filly she was carrying.

For those who knew and loved Romantykk, her passing was a tremendous loss. We look forward to procuring this valuable blood in future generations through her maternal sister Nina Ricci MF.

Falcons Promise ORA

We had been searching for a Falcon daughter to accent our band of mares; one who embodied characteristics Maplewood appreciates. In 2013 we found Falcon’s Promise ORA. By the National Futurity Champion Falcon BHF, famous for the extreme quality of his daughters, and out of the Chilean beauty LL Albufera, herself a National TT mare and Youth National Champion, this filly brings fire, stature, flare, height, carriage and attitude to our program.

Trotting in hand, tail over her back, vertical and lengthy neck with the finest throatlatch and soft poll imaginable, David Boggs states, “One of the best neck and shoulders in the breed.” Jeff Little reminisces, “A rare shoulder like Echo Magnifficoo.” And to top that all she’s dark bay! Her pedigree sealed the deal, three lines to Bey Shah with a Polish bottom line leading to Negatraz and Touch of Spice, one of our favorite DWD Tabasco daughters. This filly has motion on all fours. We look forward to utilizing her as a watershed mare transitioning to the next generation of Maplewood type.


MFA Periwinkle

Periwinkle delivered a 2014 filly by Erykk MF . We named her Chekhova MF, a third generation filly to keep for our breeding and performance program. Periwinkle was bred back for a full sibling in 2015, Beckman MF and is now expecting a third foal from this exciting cross for 2017!

With the recent acquisition of one of the world’s last producing Fame VF daughters, Maplewood hopes to pair beauty with athleticism yet again. Certainly one of the most look-a-like Fame daughters, walking this mare in hand is like leading a queen. Her pedigree matches her phenotype perfectly, and, not coincidently, her maternal grand dam, Hi-Fashion Camaar, is identical to our mare Benraz Magnifique, both mares are out of full sisters. We highly value Benraz ++// crossed on the damline of Hi-Fashion Camaar blood as an important outcross for our program. Periwinkle brings size as well as refinement and type to our herd.

MFA Periwinkle is one of the all-time greatest Fame daughters! She has two sisters with National Championship honors, MFA Lilac Tyme and MFA Ultra Violet. MFA Periwinkle is of the same national quality as these full sisters.” – Chris Petford



Raishea delivered a terrific 2014 colt by  *Maddox Van Ryad . We named him Matrix MF, and he represents four generations of Maplewood breeding.  

Raishea is special – the only granddaughter of BOH Romance, through BOH’s daughter Nina Ricci MF. Raishea is our most important link to this dam line. Named after her great-grand dam Gaishea, both a U.S. and Canadian National Champion Mare, this filly brings the highly coveted Gainey Dynasty into our mix. Paternal grandsire Gai Monarch’s talent under saddle matched that of his halter fame. Maternal grandsire Hallelujah Bey //+ contributes the known qualities of the Huck lines, giving us our third generation of calm, level headed, useful and talented horses walking the aisles of our barn. Sire Noble Rhyton contributes incredibly dry, thin and vascular skin, large eyes and tightly placed ears, as well as an exquisite front end with a long and perfectly arched neck. Rhyton’s dam *Cesarzowa, of the famous Milordka female family– famous for her chisled head, fertility, and ability to produce well with every sire presented to her – offers hope that we have a new treasure in her granddaughter.

Raishea is an exciting addition to our broodmare band; she’s broke to ride and serviceable for pleasure as well!



Although Maplewood’s initial efforts to breed the Polish beauty *Erwina were unsuccessful, we were correct in selecting a mare of significance. A daughter she left in Poland became the dam of the Michalow Stud stallion Ekstern, and other breeders benefited from the mare coming to the US through our efforts.


The ethereal mare *Dewiza, dam of both *Diana and Deficyt, was unable to reproduce at this level of excellence for Maplewood. She taught us the lesson that a “10” does not always produce a “10” and was sold to Meadow Wood Farms. We retained none of her foals for our program but gained a bit of wisdom.

Gala MF

Gala’s grand dams *Era (Carycyn x Eskapada by Nabor) and *Gitara (Eskimos x Gildia by El Paso) are two of the cornerstones of our breeding program. *Era proved her talent as an exceptionally gifted park horse before finding her way to Maplewood, while *Gitara exhibited her strengths in the halter arena, where we campaigned her to multiple wins at an advanced age. Gala fulfills Maplewood’s endeavor to replenish the bloodlines of the illustrious *Gitara in our mare herd.

We are determined to dispel the myth that beauty and motion are mutually exclusive. With beauty and tremendous motion coming from all corners of her pedigree, Gala is the embodiment of this goal. Gala possesses every bit of the quality we saw in her grand dam *Gitara; the mystique about her, the intelligent yet youthful and curious eye, and the arrogance! Additionally, the contribution of her sire Erykk’s strengths is obvious. She is blessed with the gift of motion that exceeds that of any of mares in her female family. We can attribute her heart-pulsing motion and dramatic hock-action to *Era, all qualities which Erykk is transmitting with startling consistency.

Gala, with her uniquely expressive and alert eyes, together with her smooth and correct body, athletic structure, and forward looking ‘tight’ ears, make for a pleasant package to represent our farm’s continually evolving breeding program.