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Garcon Noir MF

Garcon Noir MF displays early signs of being a great English athlete. He is exactly what his pedigree predicts, demonstrating the blood runs true. Drawing from the Polish strength of MHR Nobility, *El Ghazi, and *Bask from his sire, we also see the supreme atleticism of his dam’s sire Medalion, and the beauty of Negatraz and Noir’s granddam, the great *Gitara, written all over him.

He is the image of his sire, nearly black bay in color, with a familiar hooky neck, cadenced trot, prominent withers, athletic shoulder, and built to drop his hind end and throw dirt backwards. This colt excites us with focused potential in the English Pleasure divisions.

A study of pedigrees would turn up pages of accolades for each of the individuals in the first four generations of his lineage. His sire, U.S. National Park Champion IXL Noble Express+, has produced some of the most notable and head-turning performers in the showring today. Two of them – Black Daniels and Expressly Bella – caught our eye at Scottsdale, enrapturing the crowd and convincing us of the source of their explosive talent. We paired the extreme athletic ability of IXL Noble Express with the unique qualities we loved in *Gitara PASB, which are so evident in Garcon Noir’s dam, Ginuine, the enchanting Medalion daughter.

The fluidity, extreme motion, and work ethic coming from Noble Express, coupled with an eccentricity and airs-about-one’s-self that Ginuine rightfully possesses, combine magically to make this colt special.

Graff MF

Congratulations to Beloved Horses and Sarah Carr on the recent purchase of Graff MF. We look forward to his Reining career!

Graff’s grand dams *Era (Carycyn x Eskapada by Nabor) and *Gitara (Eskimos x Gildia by El Paso) are two of the cornerstones of our breeding program. *Era proved her talent as an exceptionally gifted park horse before finding her way to Maplewood, while *Gitara exhibited her strengths in the halter arena, where we campaigned her to multiple wins at an advanced age. Adding to that is the tremendous athletic ability one would expect to see in a pedigree rich with the blood of the immortal *Bask, as well as two crosses to both Comet and the glorious Eskapada. Like his sister Gala, Graff exhibits the beauty and tremendous motion that comes from all corners of his pedigree. He is sure to be a future star!

A descendent of *Gitara PASB, he most obviously carries the gene for her legendary neck – arched to perfection. Negatraz characteristics have followed this young colt as well, with huge black soulful eyes and tons of mane and tail. He’s now going under saddle with great working attitude and with plans to be shown. Trainers have suggested with his agility and cat-like speed he’d be a perfect purebred Reining Futurity prospect.